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We are here to put you at ease while treating your mind and your body with the attention it deserves. Not only are we stunning, we possess certain traits that money cannot buy – class and elegance, discretion and trust. You can be assured of the following: Cindy – Barcelona HiI am a 22 year old college student from Barcelona. My stats are as follows 34D, 26, 40. I am a bikini model that loves to travel, and am waiting now for you to come by and have some fun together. Our wonderful Nuru slide massage therapists do their best to perform a massage that would awaken your senses and refresh both your body and spirit. Gentle touches, the relaxing atmosphere, and two bodies in a sensual skin to skin action. There’s no similar experience to the one you’ll get at Nuru Studio. “This was my first experience with Nuru massage so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I looked at Julia’s pictures and thought that she was gorgeous. Too good to be true even. However, in reality, she is far more beautiful! How’s that possible? My mind was definitely blown, and I will come back for more as soon as I can.” – Sam about Julia, Manhattan Erotic massage To excite a man with an erotic massage, a young beauty from Manhattan uses all her charm and experience. The process involves: Gentle rubbing and spot massage to help disperse blood through the body, warm the skin, activate internal energy. Seductive touches with breasts, fingers, hair in all erogenous zones. Actual excitement is to increase the intensity of movement. The professional will increasingly return to responsive areas, giving them all the tenderness. To bring to the peak of pleasure, the beauty uses pens or chest. Neutral oil is mandatory, so all the movements will be incredibly gentle and sliding. Such a wonderful session of erotic massage in Manhattan starts with some typical therapeutic movements. However, the atmosphere here is much more romantic, and you can tell that from the beginning. There’re some candles with a pleasant aroma in the room. Furthermore, the specialist turns on silent melodies to make you absolutely satisfied. Here, at Honest Massage, we provide you with a professional Nuru massage at an affordable price. Our masseuses are 100% true professionals – they’ll make sure your body releases the heaviness of your day-to-day life. Feel free to ask for our combo menu, try different styles of relaxation in one visit! Our masseuses will deliver an unforgettable delight and bliss to each of our guests. A man is enough to identify the time at which you want to experience the real relaxation. The beautiful nymph will caress you with her body until you will experience a true delight. It involves focusing the action near and around your erogenous zones. However, it is not only enjoyable, but also the most effective. If you want to play with our seductress in the game to the end, then call us at the numbers listed on the site. The following erotic massage will discharge you from all the stress that has accumulated in the body over time. Welcome to Nuru massage A nuru massage is part of erotic massage. that originated in japan. the masseuse use oil his or her entire to body, massage. the client providing more bodily, contact then found in traditional massage therapy. When the word ” Nuru” body to body massage steams from a Japanese word for slippery. why both the client, and the masseuse are covered in nuru massage gel and oil. When the gel and oil are color-less, odorless and actually made of natural nori seaweed! Basically, the Nuru massage is a “sensual” full body to body massage which is done with both “giver” and “receiver” being naked, and the “giver” starts off by applying an appropriate amount of this special Nuru gel, or lotion all over the “receivers” body and begins the massage in basically the same way as a routine full body massage, and then it moves on to a point where the “giver” starts gliding their body, and body parts over the “receivers” body to sensually massage them, and from there, well its up to the “giver” to end it after specified time has been reached, or at any given point where the “receiver” is satisfied and is happy to finish. In a commercial salon, the “giver” is generally the dominant partner, there is no exchanging of roles, however in certain situations, and especially in private situations, the Nuru Massage can be much more flexible in that the roles can be reversed by mutual agreement, and these role changes can be implemented or reversed, at a mutually agreed point of time during the massage. You’re lying, usually without clothes while a woman massaging you with all her body, rubbing and sliding through yours. This happens thanks to a special, natural Nuru gel applied to both of you. The masseuse then glides her glistening body over yours, causing a unique tactile sensation that is startlingly arousing. Every minute massage becomes more and more exciting.

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