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Erotic massages BOOK NOW. are ones that are designed to pleasure the body and satisfy the mind. They use a variety of specialized movements that are meant to arouse. Orgasm isn’t the main goal of erotic massages, but the most effective erotic massages end in an extremely intense orgasm. There are many types of erotic massages out there. Nuru and tantric massage are two of the most popular and sought-after styles. Understandably, there are many queries as to the differences in practice, benefits, and overall, which would feel better.

So we’ve put together a short post to help you decide which one is better for you. What is a nuru massage? Also known as The Body Slide, nuru massage is a body-to-body massage that’s performed with a special kind of massage gel that’s specific to this massage. The word “nuru” means “slippery” in Japanese and this sets the precedent for this massage.

The masseuse applies the gel to the client and her own skin before rubbing her body against theirs. The gel, which is made from seaweed, is extremely slippery and allows for little friction between the bodies, so results in the perfect, sensual body-to-body massage. Because of the intimate nature of this massage and the fact that both parties are usually naked (for an enhanced experience), the levels of pleasure reached are as close as you can get to intercourse without involving any penetration. It’s been said that nuru massage is as good as sex!

A nuru massage is also an ideal form of foreplay. What is tantric massage? Tantric massage is an extremely slow and prolonged pleasurable type of erotic massage. It’s very much about teasing the mind and extending the period of pleasure. It’s based on the practice of tantra, which is about discipline and control but is a sexual extension of it. Western tantric massage first developed in the 18th century in Persia and has slowly developed over the years. It is now heavily identified by its sexual nature and its roots in spiritual practice are often overlooked.

However, sexuality in tantra isn’t as seedy as sexual pleasure. Tantrics believe it’s actually intertwined with spirituality and a healthy balance results in a stable mind. Tantra can be practiced solo but is best experienced with a partner. What are the main differences? Firstly, nuru massage is a body-to-body massage, meaning that the masseuse uses her entire body to massage the client as well as her hands. Tantric massage typically only uses the hands to stimulate the body. There is also the gels and oils used. Nuru massage uses a very specific nuru gel while tantric massage uses massage oils and lotions. Those are the main differences.

There are some variations in the massage process as well (aside from the body to body contact). Tantric massage is much slower and invokes a more gradual arousal while a nuru massage is faster. Despite this, nuru massage is still relatively slow – slowly rubbing your body against someone else is sexier than slamming it, and nuru massage thrives off its sexiness. Tantric massage follows more of a precise ritual than nuru due to its historical and religious roots. It’s all a part of prolonging the experience.

Tantric massage typically opens with a series of steps meant to encourage the spiritual connection between the masseuse and client. It may include deep breathing exercises, bowing of heads and holding hands – all meant to allow acceptance of each other. Which is better? This is a tricky question to answer. Both massage styles share benefits as well as have differing ones. It all depends on what you’re after.

A tantric massage is better for reaching new spiritual levels while nuru massage is better for deepening emotional bonds between partners. As far as sexual chemistry goes, both massages will awaken or relight a spark and attraction between the participants. A nuru massage is better for intense sexual lust because of the full body and naked skin contact.

A tantric massage is better if you’re looking for a more meaningful experience. Both are capable of creating deep and intense orgasms – tantric massage because of its incredibly slow build-up and nuru massage because of its extremely sexual nature. There is also the option of trying a tantric nuru massage, which combines the best of both of these massages. It has the intensely >sexual side of a nuru massage (the full-body contact) with the incredibly slow motions of a tantric massage.

Together, you can experience a very prolonged pleasurable experience. If you’re interested, check out our Nuru Massage North London page. From £120 an hour, it’s a bargain experience you can’t miss. Nuru Massage Previous Story How and Why a Tantric Massage Can Save Your Marriage Next Story How a Tantric Massage Can Help With Joint Mobility Differences Between Nuru & Body2Body Massage? April 10, 2017 Posted by martin in Nuru / Soapy Massages 11582 This is a question we get asked quite often. Nuru and body to body massage are two of the most popular erotic massages out there. Originating from East Asia, these two erotic massages are in demand in the red light districts, among tourists and locals alike.Asia is well-known for many things, particularly its strong work ethic and will to survive by searching for creative ways of adapting to change.

Erotic massage is a good example – Asia invented the perfect way to balance fine-tuned pleasure with mental relaxation.The history of full body sensual massages. Sensual massages like nuru and body to body originated from deep within Japan’s infamous Soaplands. When prostitution became illegal in 1954, sex workers adapted by selling soapy baths instead and sensually bathing clients instead of having intercourse. This is where the name ‘Soaplands’ came from. These soapy massages then evolved to nuru and body-to-body massage.

What is a nuru massage?A nuru massage is a Japanese erotic massage that involves full body and total skin contact between the masseuse and the client. Typically, both the masseuse and client are naked to allow for the full extent of sensations. The masseuse mounts the client and slides her body against theirs, so instead of using just her hands, she will be using her body as well.What is a body-to-body massage?

In theory, a body-to-body massage is also an erotic massage that involves full body and skin contact between the masseuse and the client. It uses the same sensual sliding and grinding techniques as a nuru massage.So what’s the difference?If you’re not already well acquainted with sensual massages, you’ll understandably be quite confused. It’s normal – the two sound extremely similar.

In fact, there’s only one major difference between the two and it’s not the technique.A body to body massage uses massage oils while a nuru massage uses a special kind of gel that was specifically made for nuru massages. No other erotic massage uses this gel. For this reason, a nuru massage is probably one of the most unique erotic massage.The nuru gelThis gel is made from Nori seaweed, which is an edible kind that’s used in sushi. However the gel is odourless, colourless and doesn’t stain.

It also has an interesting consistency – it’s extremely viscous and can be held up like a sheet of clear jelly. Therapists mix this gel with warm water before applying it to the skin and this dilutes it, making it more appropriate for massage purposes. The water also makes the gel extremely slippery. It is completely different to oil. Instead of feeling greasy on the skin, the nuru gel will feel wet and intensely slippery. This makes it perfect for nuru massage. The masseuse can now slide freely on top of the client, creating minimum friction and maximum pleasure. U

nlike massage oils which need frequent reapplication because they are quickly absorbed into the skin, nuru gel stays on the skin for longer. Because the gel is more solid and mixed with water, it tends to dry up but this is easily resolved when more water is added.Are the sensations any different?In theory, nuru and body to body massage produce the same kind of sensations as each other. However in practice, there’s some variations.A nuru massage can feel more intimate and sensual than a body to body massage.

This is because typically, a nuru session begins with a shower or bath, shared with the masseuse. The warm water prepares the skin for the gel.As we’ve said before, the nuru gel is extremely slippery which means the masseuse can literally slide up and down the client’s body without any friction. This means the massage session can progress without any complications. Gay Massage oils can dry up so the masseuse will have to stop, get off the client and reapply the oil, which can detract from the sensuality of the massage.

Nuru masseuses require a great deal of flexibility and upper body strength – possibly more than b2b masseuses because they have to able to slide sensually but stay on top of their client. It can get quite hard to control. The slipperiness also means the masseuse can get into some highly creative positions and it can be very erotic for the client, watching her move.

Also, a nuru massage is well-known in the adult industry because of its prominence on pornographic websites. All of the reasons would make a nuru massage seem more exotic, naughty and fantasy-like.Try it out for yourselfWe can try and describe the two massages for you, but the best way to know is to try it out for yourself. We have a selection of premium nuru and body to body masseuses who are more than capable of providing you with a memorable experience. You can find some of our stunning Asian masseuses on our main website ready and available for tantric nuru massages. Tags: nuru massage.

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Erotic massages BOOK NOW

Erotic massages BOOK NOW

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